You are not going to believe this

One of my new massage teachers is preaching an mlm product in class. Gary Young living essential oils. I am so bumbed at the lack of professionalism here. He put the oils out on a center piece in the middle of the class room. The subject was oils and which one was good for what massage ect. Good subject to know.
However, the classmates who are unawares of what is really going on, asked about the price of the oils… Well the teacher started his schpeal.

He started out by saying “Gary Young” doesn’t buy anything that is not high quality and the reason for the high price is the quality blah blah blah. The teacher said he didn’t find any other product out there, that matched Young Living ect… He stopped in mid scentence because he saw some of us get uncomfortable with his speech on the oils. I don’t like o be sold to in school either way. Btw, the teacher is from England originally, and he is totally missing out on an organically grown essential oil company right in his own country,lol. Non mlm to that I use and it’s really good quality. Just stating the fact how blind some mlmer’s get.

My husband says that it’s bound to happen in my industry,uhg. I’m not going to like everything about the school. However, the school has a no selling policy in place. Hubby says if he is persistent about it then report it. I only have a handful of more weeks with the guy so I will probably wait until the end of this term.

What do you think is the best approach? I’ve already reported the party lite girl before.

Thanks for your help