Yeah there junk too

I was approached four or five months ago and did a little research on the net. Its there just keep looking. They have the whole level system, awards, position designations, part time oppurtunity, opp meetings, base shops, ect. The turnover is amazing. If you check out a base shop youll see all kinds of awards and possibly some guys wearing huge rings. These guys are top of their up-line adn usually the only ones earning “that six figure income” They depend on new recruits. They sneak their way in by doing a finacial report which a monkey could get on
They are not finacial analysist just act like them. In turn on your free report you are asked to list every person you know. If you look at there numbers compare the top earners numbers to the number of people involved. You find out the avg earnings is like $1200 dollars. If you give them your email address your spamed relentlessly by 10-20 people a day. I happen to seen some of their PTWN broadcast on Direct TV. They discuss strategies of how to recruit members and how to weed out those who dont earn. Never do you here how there product line pales in comparison to what is available to people out there in the world. I could not go into a widows home and ask her to cash her whole life policy, with all of its benefits from the 40’s which are no longer given by her insurance company, for an overpriced term life policy that doesnt give her the true peace of mind see had.
But check it out. Do a couple price quotes compare benefits and ask what part time means to this RVP or VP or National Sales Director.