Well it looks like a new MLM has set up camp here in the Palm Springs area and Pre-Paid Legal and Primerica had their shots (in that order) and now its ACN. I was recently solicited by a friend Bobby (Im a friend of the familys and was lucky enough to be recommended). Bobby is 18, just out of high school, probably has no specific college plans but is about the sharpest pencil in the box called me and asked me to listen in on this great opportunity. I agreed to meet up with him and his upline at a local Starbucks and hear them out. I warned them ahead of time that I wasnt going to sign up for anything and they said it was fine.

Well, his upline was Tyler Dirden look-alike who right away, graced me with the Corporate America is the devil in true Tyler-style assertive punditry. He blew through an hour of MLM-spin which made the PPL recruiting meetings I used to attend look legit. I was interesting contrasting this opportunity with PPLs. PPL sold a form of legal insurance whereas ACN offers phone and dial-up internet services and will supposedly soon sell wireless phone, electricity, and DSL internet access.
Instead of PPLs critical mass (the idea that PPL is on the brink of hitting a 2% mark which will trigger a sudden explosion of unprecedented growth as PPL is the only game in town), it was the fact that deregulation of certain industries has allowed ACN gain footholds in these industries (and according to Tyler, ACN is the only one tapping into this resource). Like the PPL rectuiter, I lost count how many times he said now thats powerful. He went on to inform me that CAN could offer lower costs on these bills because they dont pay for advertising, whereas these other companies force their clients to swallow the cost of their advertising. It took everything I had not to say in other words its more profitable to recruit 18 year olds who pay $500 to sell your services to their friends and family, all the while swallowing the costs of whatever overhead is involved. I checked their site later on and noticed their internet service is roughly $19.95/month which is right in between more expensize dial-up from companies like AOL and the cheaper services like NetZero. By all rights, I would think their services should be no more than $10/month if theyre really passing on the advertising discount to the customer. He obviously didnt like being challenged. When he got into the whole college is a waste of time speech I asked him, how else can someone become a lawyer or a doctor? He annoyingly responded that even they were never taught how to run their own business. He became overly irritated when I asked what about all of the lawyers and doctors who branch out and start their own practices. He was stumped. The sickest part was that he never got into details regarding how switching your bills over to ACN would really be helping. He kept saying we have the best prices but of course, hes supposed to say that. There were no brochures or pamphlets on these plans. All he had was badly scanned paper where customers were supposed to sign up. Everything revolved around painting your cause. The entire selling point would be in asking a friend to buy the services to help YOU. There was never any breakdown on the benefits of using THEIR phone or internet services instead of the competitors.

I was happy to see Bobby so excited over something, but it was sad to see him following this lame opportunity and under such a lamo upline. I am stuck. Should I shed some light on Bobby and tell him everything that Mr. Dirden isnt telling him? Should I just keep my mouth shut and let him learn on his own? By the way, this cheeseball claims ACN has a 92% retention AND that their average distributor makes a couple grand a month. I know this isnt true but I cant find and ACN stats on the internet. Does anyone have access to such?