This is quite a positive sign

Maybe this guy hasn’t been fully brainwashed yet and had the sense to realize he was stepping out of line with this.

> I don’t like o be sold to in school either way.

You shouldn’t even have to worry about it at all. It’s an abuse of his position as a teacher to push his own products. It’s unethical on a number of levels.

Here’s a few of my thoughts: You’re getting certified, aren’t you? Is this school part of an overall nationwide certification organization?
Or do they have to meet standards to be entitled to issue their certificates on graduation? In other words, is there a governing body that states whether or not someone is certified in your area or nationally?

If so, then this school has to meet THEIR standards and if all else fails, and as a LAST RESORT, you can always bring that up as a point or, if necessary, go to them.

Here’s another point: He’s in an MLM that may, like so many, promise to make him wealthy. Or, like someone I know who sells Shaklee, may just feel like it’s a good way to make some extra spending money or some income without recruiting people. Either way, he *needs* his job, either so he can sell or so he can pay for being in an MLM. Oh, and he probably needs it so he can eat and pay the rent, too. If his entire purpose of getting this job was to peddle his wares, then he would not have backed off when he saw people were getting uncomfortable.

Another point: They PAY him to do a job. If he’s pushing his product, he’s not doing it. He’s telling people, “Use my $#!+ because it’s the best,” and we know that different people find different products work for them, so he’s not helping students with this. He is NOT doing what he’s paid to do.

Along with that, they PAY him, BUT YOU PAY THEM. Without you, and many others like you, they cannot pay the rent or pay their own salaries.
You are their customer. When you finish and are certified, it is your job to make sure the customer is happy or they won’t come back and pay you again. You already know this from running your own business. THEY need to keep that in mind as well and if they aren’t thinking of it, then you have every right to remind them of that point. Any complaints on this or other topics should be kept confidential.

Also you know as well as I do that there are still sometimes issues with massage therapy being viewed as a real profession. If the school doesn’t have professional teachers who know where to draw the line and what NOT to do, then how are the students going to learn what is acceptable as professional behavior?

Consider all these points and make notes on how to present them in your own way and I think if you take them to someone in charge and politely make them, and I’d start with the one about professionalism first, then they’re going to listen to you. I’d save the “I’m paying you for an education, not to be sold to” as a later point, not to be used unless needed and probably right before the points about certification and their obligations to the certification body.