Products & Services

Deferred Deposit Loans
Simply put; it is a cash advance made in exchange for a personal check or draft. A person who qualifies will write a check today for the amount borrowed plus the fee or interest charged. He or she would then receive the amount borrowed, (minus the fee). The check written would be held for a period of time, usually until their next pay period, but not to exceed 30 days.

Check Cashing
Exchanging a “check” for cash minus a service fee is the essence of check cashing. These checks generally are payroll and government issued check but can also be other types as well, such as insurance drafts, personal, and even third party business checks to name a few.

Bus Passes
Currently available for people who use Orange County Buses as a means of transportation, these passes are purchased monthly for one set price and give the user unlimited availability to anywhere Orange County Buses travel. Special passes are available for Express bus riders as well as Senior and Disabled riders.

Money Orders
A money order is a “check” purchased with cash for usually a nominal fee. They can be issued in almost any amount. These are legal tender and are treated like a check at any bank or place that would prefer to deal with “checks”. Utility, insurance, and finance companies are some of the many types of companies that receive money orders daily as forms of payment.

Wire Transfers
This is a service that allows money to be sent to worldwide. For a nominal fee, a person who wishes to send money to a friend, relative or any other person can stop into any of our facilities and direct any dollar amount to virtually any city, anywhere in the world! Special provisions allow these funds to be available within a matter of minutes to next day availability depending on the needs of the sender or receiver. Many companies have set up to have payments received through wire transfers. Mortgage car and a host of other types of payments are being paid using this service.

Pre-Paid Home Phone Services
This residential service allows you call locally for one low monthly rate. Calls can be received from anywhere without restrictions. Long distance outbound call, call waiting, forwarding, and other services can be added on for a fee.

Pre-Paid Cellular Phone Services
These portable phones give you the flexibility and convenience of traditional cellular providers without having to worry about cost overruns at the end of the month. One purchases “blocks” of minutes for a set price. Once the minutes purchased have been used, the phone is deactivated until more minutes are purchased.

Pre-Paid Calling Card Services
The use of these cards has made having to carry pocket change unnecessary. Sold in increments of $5, $10, and $20, phone cards give one the ability to call from any phone booth, anytime. These cards can be used at residential home phones, giving the user the ability to incur the cost of the call without burdening the owner of the phone with the expense. Once the minutes available on the card have been used, you just dispose of the card and purchase another.