No way

She did this so the order would look legit. They are starting to sporadically enforce a “customer sales” rule. This is what technically would keep Quixtar/Amway a legal MLM. She probably paid for the order herself. Maybe even had it shipped to herself.
But by going thru the bogus account she created in your name, it’s considered a legit, “auto-reported” order.
It’s absolutly wrong and not allowed by the company. (Well, it’s not allowed if it’s officially brought to their attention. If you can get away with it, on the other hand…. that’s another story) You should call Quixtar customer support. The number is 1-800-253-6500. Let them know the situation. They will for sure take care of it.
Please, please don’t hold back for fear of getting your friend in trouble. She had to know what she was doing was wrong. It’s not your fault if she gets in trouble, it’s hers.
Good luck.