In the search field, type in “Primerica”, “Citifinancial” or “Citicorp”

You’ll find plenty of poop on this company! Primerica is a division of Citigroup, a.k.a. Citicorp, a.k.a. Citifinancial, a.k.a. Citibank, a.k.a. The Associates. This company’s got a complaint rap a mile long, and more aliases than you can shake a stick at! The biggest complaints against Citifinancial seem to come from people who have mortgage loans through them (or have had their mortgages bought out by them)…seems Citifinancial is in the habit of cashing customers’ mortgage checks, then claiming they never received payment and threatening foreclosure in a very harrassing manner. There’s also a lot of info on this site about their subsidiary Primerica.

From what I understand, Primerica is an MLM which deals in life insurance annuities and securites. What seems really shady is their “recruitment” practices. Their reps (IBO’s) scan websites like and pick up on peoples’ resumes (especially those who are currently unemployed). Then the rep cold calls the prospect, offering them a “position”, which quickly becomes an “opportunity”.
They even go as far as to schedule “interviews” without even telling the prospect what he/she is interviewing for or what this “opportunity” is all about (sound familiar?). Eventually, the rep gets the prospect to their version of an open meeting. Given what I’ve read about Citicorp and the way they conduct themselves as a business, this modus operendi seems to fit right in.

Bottom line…I would avoid contact with any business which begins with the prefix “Ctiti”, or any of its subsidiaries.