Hi – I am a Melalueca survivor and a divorce partially from Melaleuca survivor LOL

I am posting because a friend of mine who is like a daughter to me – is VERY caught up in the Primerica right now . What scares me is she is a child who comes from a broken home and abusive mom and is trying to make it on her own ( she is 20 ) because of personal problems she has left college and did get a job waitressing -but has spent many hours recruiting for Primerica and still has not gotten paid a dime because she has not taken some ‘insurance test’ I am assuming its some kind of licensing test.
What also bothers me – is that these people who barely know her have been so quick to take her under their wing and let her stay with them and help her with her personal problems – the caretaking part of me says – well maybe they are nice people who have sympathy for her personal problems – BUT then the MLM Skeptic in me says – No maybe its their way of mlm mindset indoctrination..
any way – as a fellow survivor I would love your input thanks so much this looks like a very informative blog..
I am ironically still a customer of melalueca as a favor to my ex – but have no interest in ‘building a business’ …