Greetings again, after about a 12 month absence.

Nice to see the light of truth still shines in this club. My daughter has been approached by a relative (who else, right?!) about Bazi drink. Fortunately she’s fairly skeptical and has asked my advice, given my experience with Quack-star and such. I could not find any messages on this board and googling it brought nothing more than distributor websites and other “exciting” information.

True to form, she has heard first hand accounts of people with migraines that have been miraculously healed, etc. yadda yadda yadda… No leper healings yet, however. : ) I gave her some of the usual signs to look out for (mandatory meetings, “tools” and tapes, etc.) and it appears there is a small start up fee. So if she got involved, I don’t think she’d be out much when she realized how exasperating it’d be. She has never been much to see things through to completion which has been, in the past, frustrating to us but it could work out for the better in this instance.

All that being said, anyone have any scoop on Bazi? She has not brought it up for a couple of weeks so that’s a good sign too.

Thanks for any info…. Syd