Check Cashing

– Q. Why would I choose your Check Cashing service?

You avoid the long lines present at banks and credit unions.
You get treated with respect and courtesy and with a level of personal service that banks and credit unions do not have the time or manpower to provide.
Bank holds of your deposited funds tie up your money. We are in the business to provide you with your money fast and without the holds that banks and credit unions can place on your account.
You want the convenience of extended hours, weekends and holidays to get your checks cashed. We are there for you when banks and credit unions are not.

– Q. Are your Check Cashing facilities in safe neighborhoods?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on great site locations. Our facilities are clean, well lit and have safety in mind for our customers as well as our employees. In fact, our security measures are “state of the art” and exceed industry standards.

– Q. If I have a bank account, can I use Check Cashing services?

Yes! In fact almost two thirds of our customers do. The reason that you would choose us is convenience, respect and a personal touch that you cannot get from your bank or credit union.
In some cases you would use our services to clear checks faster than your own bank or credit union could do for you. This allows you to access your money faster.

– Q. Why should I choose your Check Cashing service over any other?

The answer is simple. We can cash your check faster, with less hassles, offer a more personalized service and handle all types of checks (including large dollar values). Most other Check Cashing services focus on one or just a few of the check type categories. We are a FULL SERVICE Check Cashing service.