As a person who was once involved – you NEED to call the corporation

What they are doing is in total violation of what is allowed and your so called friend I’m sure were encouraged by someone to do this. All the groups are being accredidated with a stamp of approval from the corporation that they are legit, running an ethical business and not doing stuff like this. If you let it go – there will be so many more people that this will happen to. The corporation will not tolerate stuff like this so if they don’t know they can’t put a stop to it and the madness continues. Only the corporation can cancel your account too. The order if it was received, box it back up and send it back to the corporation if you don’t want it. Otherwise, federal law says that if you receive a package from a company that you didn’t order – you can keep it and not pay for it. some of my relatives got some nice free stuff from Franklin Mint this way.