Check Cashing

– Q. Why would I choose your Check Cashing service?

You avoid the long lines present at banks and credit unions.
You get treated with respect and courtesy and with a level of personal service that banks and credit unions do not have the time or manpower to provide.
Bank holds of your deposited funds tie up your money. We are in the business to provide you with your money fast and without the holds that banks and credit unions can place on your account.
You want the convenience of extended hours, weekends and holidays to get your checks cashed. We are there for you when banks and credit unions are not.

– Q. Are your Check Cashing facilities in safe neighborhoods?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on great site locations. Our facilities are clean, well lit and have safety in mind for our customers as well as our employees. In fact, our security measures are “state of the art” and exceed industry standards.

– Q. If I have a bank account, can I use Check Cashing services?

Yes! In fact almost two thirds of our customers do. The reason that you would choose us is convenience, respect and a personal touch that you cannot get from your bank or credit union.
In some cases you would use our services to clear checks faster than your own bank or credit union could do for you. This allows you to access your money faster.

– Q. Why should I choose your Check Cashing service over any other?

The answer is simple. We can cash your check faster, with less hassles, offer a more personalized service and handle all types of checks (including large dollar values). Most other Check Cashing services focus on one or just a few of the check type categories. We are a FULL SERVICE Check Cashing service.

Deferred Deposit FAQ

1. What is a deferred deposit, or post dated check advance?
A short-term money advance provided until your next payday or benefit payment.

2. How does it work?
Once approved, we will fax you a disclosure and authorization form that will allow us to disburse the money to you and electronically debit your bank account for the amount financed as well as the finance charge.

3. What do I need?
If you are employed or have some form of guaranteed income, SSI, SSDI, etc., you can apply. We will confirm the information you give us as well as perform credit verification. When you meet at least the minimum criteria, you are approved!

4. Does a poor credit history disqualify me?
Not necessarily. We are here to assist customers when the need arises. Many of our current customers have credit difficulties from time to time.

5. What if I filed bankruptcy?
You may still qualify, if the bankruptcy is discharged, subject to our normal employment and residency requirements.

6. Is collateral required?
No. You simply authorize a Demand Draft and/or ACH from your checking account.

7. How long does it take to get the payday loan bad credit?
The approval process usually takes 20-90 minutes. Delivery of funds into your checking account or to your home can usually be arranged either on the same day or the next banking day.

8. What should you do if you believe your check might not clear the bank?
Call us immediately. A “bounced check” could cost you substantial “NSF” fees by your bank and can also damage your credit rating. While your obligation to repay is not waived, we will attempt to assist you.

9. Is this transaction confidential?
Yes. This internet application is secured by “SSL” encrypted technology. In addition, all of your records are held in confidence at our electronic commerce center.

10. Can I request multiple PAYDAY LOANs?
No. Only one (1) PAYDAY LOAN can be outstanding at any given time. However, by calling toll free (877) 729-3295, a customer service representative may be able to assist you with a larger loan.

11. What are the benefits if I repay the PAYDAY LOAN on time?
Customers with a good repayment record receive our VIP services which include expedited servicing and discounted rates.

12. What happens if I don’t follow through and repay my PAYDAY LOAN?
We would not stay in business if our customers did not honor their agreements. We do reserve the right to collect delinquent loans using all legal remedies available including legal debt collection and civil court action.

14. What is a Demand Draft?
A Demand Draft is a check created in lieu of your personal check per your authorization.

15. What is an ACH?
An ACH (Automatic Clearing House), is the electronic system setup by banks to transfer funds between themselves.


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Products & Services

Deferred Deposit Loans
Simply put; it is a cash advance made in exchange for a personal check or draft. A person who qualifies will write a check today for the amount borrowed plus the fee or interest charged. He or she would then receive the amount borrowed, (minus the fee). The check written would be held for a period of time, usually until their next pay period, but not to exceed 30 days.

Check Cashing
Exchanging a “check” for cash minus a service fee is the essence of check cashing. These checks generally are payroll and government issued check but can also be other types as well, such as insurance drafts, personal, and even third party business checks to name a few.

Bus Passes
Currently available for people who use Orange County Buses as a means of transportation, these passes are purchased monthly for one set price and give the user unlimited availability to anywhere Orange County Buses travel. Special passes are available for Express bus riders as well as Senior and Disabled riders.

Money Orders
A money order is a “check” purchased with cash for usually a nominal fee. They can be issued in almost any amount. These are legal tender and are treated like a check at any bank or place that would prefer to deal with “checks”. Utility, insurance, and finance companies are some of the many types of companies that receive money orders daily as forms of payment.

Wire Transfers
This is a service that allows money to be sent to worldwide. For a nominal fee, a person who wishes to send money to a friend, relative or any other person can stop into any of our facilities and direct any dollar amount to virtually any city, anywhere in the world! Special provisions allow these funds to be available within a matter of minutes to next day availability depending on the needs of the sender or receiver. Many companies have set up to have payments received through wire transfers. Mortgage car and a host of other types of payments are being paid using this service.

Pre-Paid Home Phone Services
This residential service allows you call locally for one low monthly rate. Calls can be received from anywhere without restrictions. Long distance outbound call, call waiting, forwarding, and other services can be added on for a fee.

Pre-Paid Cellular Phone Services
These portable phones give you the flexibility and convenience of traditional cellular providers without having to worry about cost overruns at the end of the month. One purchases “blocks” of minutes for a set price. Once the minutes purchased have been used, the phone is deactivated until more minutes are purchased.

Pre-Paid Calling Card Services
The use of these cards has made having to carry pocket change unnecessary. Sold in increments of $5, $10, and $20, phone cards give one the ability to call from any phone booth, anytime. These cards can be used at residential home phones, giving the user the ability to incur the cost of the call without burdening the owner of the phone with the expense. Once the minutes available on the card have been used, you just dispose of the card and purchase another.

Hi – I am a Melalueca survivor and a divorce partially from Melaleuca survivor LOL

I am posting because a friend of mine who is like a daughter to me – is VERY caught up in the Primerica right now . What scares me is she is a child who comes from a broken home and abusive mom and is trying to make it on her own ( she is 20 ) because of personal problems she has left college and did get a job waitressing -but has spent many hours recruiting for Primerica and still has not gotten paid a dime because she has not taken some ‘insurance test’ I am assuming its some kind of licensing test.
What also bothers me – is that these people who barely know her have been so quick to take her under their wing and let her stay with them and help her with her personal problems – the caretaking part of me says – well maybe they are nice people who have sympathy for her personal problems – BUT then the MLM Skeptic in me says – No maybe its their way of mlm mindset indoctrination..
any way – as a fellow survivor I would love your input thanks so much this looks like a very informative blog..
I am ironically still a customer of melalueca as a favor to my ex – but have no interest in ‘building a business’ …

I have two neighbors that do it as well

The one in convinced he will be making $1000 an hour with it. Of course this was last fall and I havent heard much about it lately. I wont even mention his bankruptcy. They changed to MLM a few years back. (anyone know the exact details?) They changed because ti was easier to pay a bunch of suckers a small mlm commmision rather than pay an honest check to their own salesforce. (Please correct me if I am wrong) The one particualr neighbor used to come over and paly pool in my basemtn with me regularly. He hasnt been over for atleast 6 months.
My (unproffessional) advice. Is get a legit sales job.

Anyone have any experience with Primerica Inc.?

They are a division of Citibank and primarliy sell life insurance, equity excelleration loans and financial guidance. Their marketing department, however, is MLM and is growing in my area. I have two relatives signed up and just want information to help them see what is really going on.

Thanks in advance.

Well it looks like a new MLM has set up camp here in the Palm Springs area and Pre-Paid Legal and Primerica had their shots (in that order) and now its ACN. I was recently solicited by a friend Bobby (Im a friend of the familys and was lucky enough to be recommended). Bobby is 18, just out of high school, probably has no specific college plans but is about the sharpest pencil in the box called me and asked me to listen in on this great opportunity. I agreed to meet up with him and his upline at a local Starbucks and hear them out. I warned them ahead of time that I wasnt going to sign up for anything and they said it was fine.

Well, his upline was Tyler Dirden look-alike who right away, graced me with the Corporate America is the devil in true Tyler-style assertive punditry. He blew through an hour of MLM-spin which made the PPL recruiting meetings I used to attend look legit. I was interesting contrasting this opportunity with PPLs. PPL sold a form of legal insurance whereas ACN offers phone and dial-up internet services and will supposedly soon sell wireless phone, electricity, and DSL internet access.
Instead of PPLs critical mass (the idea that PPL is on the brink of hitting a 2% mark which will trigger a sudden explosion of unprecedented growth as PPL is the only game in town), it was the fact that deregulation of certain industries has allowed ACN gain footholds in these industries (and according to Tyler, ACN is the only one tapping into this resource). Like the PPL rectuiter, I lost count how many times he said now thats powerful. He went on to inform me that CAN could offer lower costs on these bills because they dont pay for advertising, whereas these other companies force their clients to swallow the cost of their advertising. It took everything I had not to say in other words its more profitable to recruit 18 year olds who pay $500 to sell your services to their friends and family, all the while swallowing the costs of whatever overhead is involved. I checked their site later on and noticed their internet service is roughly $19.95/month which is right in between more expensize dial-up from companies like AOL and the cheaper services like NetZero. By all rights, I would think their services should be no more than $10/month if theyre really passing on the advertising discount to the customer. He obviously didnt like being challenged. When he got into the whole college is a waste of time speech I asked him, how else can someone become a lawyer or a doctor? He annoyingly responded that even they were never taught how to run their own business. He became overly irritated when I asked what about all of the lawyers and doctors who branch out and start their own practices. He was stumped. The sickest part was that he never got into details regarding how switching your bills over to ACN would really be helping. He kept saying we have the best prices but of course, hes supposed to say that. There were no brochures or pamphlets on these plans. All he had was badly scanned paper where customers were supposed to sign up. Everything revolved around painting your cause. The entire selling point would be in asking a friend to buy the services to help YOU. There was never any breakdown on the benefits of using THEIR phone or internet services instead of the competitors.

I was happy to see Bobby so excited over something, but it was sad to see him following this lame opportunity and under such a lamo upline. I am stuck. Should I shed some light on Bobby and tell him everything that Mr. Dirden isnt telling him? Should I just keep my mouth shut and let him learn on his own? By the way, this cheeseball claims ACN has a 92% retention AND that their average distributor makes a couple grand a month. I know this isnt true but I cant find and ACN stats on the internet. Does anyone have access to such?

In the search field, type in “Primerica”, “Citifinancial” or “Citicorp”

You’ll find plenty of poop on this company! Primerica is a division of Citigroup, a.k.a. Citicorp, a.k.a. Citifinancial, a.k.a. Citibank, a.k.a. The Associates. This company’s got a complaint rap a mile long, and more aliases than you can shake a stick at! The biggest complaints against Citifinancial seem to come from people who have mortgage loans through them (or have had their mortgages bought out by them)…seems Citifinancial is in the habit of cashing customers’ mortgage checks, then claiming they never received payment and threatening foreclosure in a very harrassing manner. There’s also a lot of info on this site about their subsidiary Primerica.

From what I understand, Primerica is an MLM which deals in life insurance annuities and securites. What seems really shady is their “recruitment” practices. Their reps (IBO’s) scan websites like and pick up on peoples’ resumes (especially those who are currently unemployed). Then the rep cold calls the prospect, offering them a “position”, which quickly becomes an “opportunity”.
They even go as far as to schedule “interviews” without even telling the prospect what he/she is interviewing for or what this “opportunity” is all about (sound familiar?). Eventually, the rep gets the prospect to their version of an open meeting. Given what I’ve read about Citicorp and the way they conduct themselves as a business, this modus operendi seems to fit right in.

Bottom line…I would avoid contact with any business which begins with the prefix “Ctiti”, or any of its subsidiaries.

Yeah there junk too

I was approached four or five months ago and did a little research on the net. Its there just keep looking. They have the whole level system, awards, position designations, part time oppurtunity, opp meetings, base shops, ect. The turnover is amazing. If you check out a base shop youll see all kinds of awards and possibly some guys wearing huge rings. These guys are top of their up-line adn usually the only ones earning “that six figure income” They depend on new recruits. They sneak their way in by doing a finacial report which a monkey could get on
They are not finacial analysist just act like them. In turn on your free report you are asked to list every person you know. If you look at there numbers compare the top earners numbers to the number of people involved. You find out the avg earnings is like $1200 dollars. If you give them your email address your spamed relentlessly by 10-20 people a day. I happen to seen some of their PTWN broadcast on Direct TV. They discuss strategies of how to recruit members and how to weed out those who dont earn. Never do you here how there product line pales in comparison to what is available to people out there in the world. I could not go into a widows home and ask her to cash her whole life policy, with all of its benefits from the 40’s which are no longer given by her insurance company, for an overpriced term life policy that doesnt give her the true peace of mind see had.
But check it out. Do a couple price quotes compare benefits and ask what part time means to this RVP or VP or National Sales Director.

Looking for information about this

I tried searching the net and found very little information. I did look at their site and there’s a certain level of legitimacy… However, when an obnoxious brit calls up on my phone and talks about having my resume “come across the desk” of someone with little more than a statement about being from Primerica a division of Citigroup, I start to wonder just what the bleep they’re about.

I need another MLM experience like I need a gift pack of SA 8.

Any help is appreciated.

Primerica is MLM

and like all MLMs is mathematically based on the redistribution (not creation) of wealth from the majority at the bottom to the (very) few at the top. Additionally, their product offerings are NOT competitive with what is available from regular insurance channels.


My husband’s friend is involved in this, and now wants us to become involved. My husband thinks this is a wonderful plan, but I’m skeptical – If it Sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Any information would be appreciated before My husband signs us up.

This is quite a positive sign

Maybe this guy hasn’t been fully brainwashed yet and had the sense to realize he was stepping out of line with this.

> I don’t like o be sold to in school either way.

You shouldn’t even have to worry about it at all. It’s an abuse of his position as a teacher to push his own products. It’s unethical on a number of levels.

Here’s a few of my thoughts: You’re getting certified, aren’t you? Is this school part of an overall nationwide certification organization?
Or do they have to meet standards to be entitled to issue their certificates on graduation? In other words, is there a governing body that states whether or not someone is certified in your area or nationally?

If so, then this school has to meet THEIR standards and if all else fails, and as a LAST RESORT, you can always bring that up as a point or, if necessary, go to them.

Here’s another point: He’s in an MLM that may, like so many, promise to make him wealthy. Or, like someone I know who sells Shaklee, may just feel like it’s a good way to make some extra spending money or some income without recruiting people. Either way, he *needs* his job, either so he can sell or so he can pay for being in an MLM. Oh, and he probably needs it so he can eat and pay the rent, too. If his entire purpose of getting this job was to peddle his wares, then he would not have backed off when he saw people were getting uncomfortable.

Another point: They PAY him to do a job. If he’s pushing his product, he’s not doing it. He’s telling people, “Use my $#!+ because it’s the best,” and we know that different people find different products work for them, so he’s not helping students with this. He is NOT doing what he’s paid to do.

Along with that, they PAY him, BUT YOU PAY THEM. Without you, and many others like you, they cannot pay the rent or pay their own salaries.
You are their customer. When you finish and are certified, it is your job to make sure the customer is happy or they won’t come back and pay you again. You already know this from running your own business. THEY need to keep that in mind as well and if they aren’t thinking of it, then you have every right to remind them of that point. Any complaints on this or other topics should be kept confidential.

Also you know as well as I do that there are still sometimes issues with massage therapy being viewed as a real profession. If the school doesn’t have professional teachers who know where to draw the line and what NOT to do, then how are the students going to learn what is acceptable as professional behavior?

Consider all these points and make notes on how to present them in your own way and I think if you take them to someone in charge and politely make them, and I’d start with the one about professionalism first, then they’re going to listen to you. I’d save the “I’m paying you for an education, not to be sold to” as a later point, not to be used unless needed and probably right before the points about certification and their obligations to the certification body.

You are not going to believe this

One of my new massage teachers is preaching an mlm product in class. Gary Young living essential oils. I am so bumbed at the lack of professionalism here. He put the oils out on a center piece in the middle of the class room. The subject was oils and which one was good for what massage ect. Good subject to know.
However, the classmates who are unawares of what is really going on, asked about the price of the oils… Well the teacher started his schpeal.

He started out by saying “Gary Young” doesn’t buy anything that is not high quality and the reason for the high price is the quality blah blah blah. The teacher said he didn’t find any other product out there, that matched Young Living ect… He stopped in mid scentence because he saw some of us get uncomfortable with his speech on the oils. I don’t like o be sold to in school either way. Btw, the teacher is from England originally, and he is totally missing out on an organically grown essential oil company right in his own country,lol. Non mlm to that I use and it’s really good quality. Just stating the fact how blind some mlmer’s get.

My husband says that it’s bound to happen in my industry,uhg. I’m not going to like everything about the school. However, the school has a no selling policy in place. Hubby says if he is persistent about it then report it. I only have a handful of more weeks with the guy so I will probably wait until the end of this term.

What do you think is the best approach? I’ve already reported the party lite girl before.

Thanks for your help

No way

She did this so the order would look legit. They are starting to sporadically enforce a “customer sales” rule. This is what technically would keep Quixtar/Amway a legal MLM. She probably paid for the order herself. Maybe even had it shipped to herself.
But by going thru the bogus account she created in your name, it’s considered a legit, “auto-reported” order.
It’s absolutly wrong and not allowed by the company. (Well, it’s not allowed if it’s officially brought to their attention. If you can get away with it, on the other hand…. that’s another story) You should call Quixtar customer support. The number is 1-800-253-6500. Let them know the situation. They will for sure take care of it.
Please, please don’t hold back for fear of getting your friend in trouble. She had to know what she was doing was wrong. It’s not your fault if she gets in trouble, it’s hers.
Good luck.

I’m a tad confused, because you can’t receive an order without paying for it

Did you give her a charge card number??

If not, then she paid for the stuff – and you can simply refuse to take it.

If it arrives at your house because you paid for it – you can send it back to the Corporation and get a complete refund. If it arrives at your house and SHE paid for it – give it back to her.

Yeah – she pulled a fast one that borders on illegal – but fortunately, the Corporation will make it right.

As a person who was once involved – you NEED to call the corporation

What they are doing is in total violation of what is allowed and your so called friend I’m sure were encouraged by someone to do this. All the groups are being accredidated with a stamp of approval from the corporation that they are legit, running an ethical business and not doing stuff like this. If you let it go – there will be so many more people that this will happen to. The corporation will not tolerate stuff like this so if they don’t know they can’t put a stop to it and the madness continues. Only the corporation can cancel your account too. The order if it was received, box it back up and send it back to the corporation if you don’t want it. Otherwise, federal law says that if you receive a package from a company that you didn’t order – you can keep it and not pay for it. some of my relatives got some nice free stuff from Franklin Mint this way.

You have EVERY reason to be angry AND concerned

This so called friend not only broke the law but broke your confidence as well. This is no small matter and one that needs addressing immediately.

I would call your friend and advise her to cancel the account SHE illegally opened in your name immediately or you will do it by calling the company and explaining that you did not open the account (and then let the pieces fall where they may).

This to me is enough to end a friendship. Friends don’t commit fraud using your name…period. Sounds like she is desperate.

What your friend has done is called identity theft – no kidding

You need to cancel the whole order and you need to tell your “friend” that this is totally unacceptable. You need to contact Quixtar and tell them that this account is not approved by you and it is to be closed immediately.

This may sound harsh and maybe feel like you are getting your friend into “trouble” but if your friend is busy committing fraud she is already in trouble.

Your first step has to be to extricate your name and your identity from this thing. Do it fast and get confirmation in writing that your account has been canceled – and do it yourself, do not trust your friend to do it.

She ordered things in your name, without your consent

Your options are:
* Cancel the entire order;
* Pay only for what you explicitly ordered;

If setting up the account required your SS# and/or DOB, then you can ask the friend whether she would prefer to spend 5 years in jail for identity theft, or 5 years for RICO violations.

Nearly a year ago I posted on here

very unhappy about the fact that my best friend had joined LTD (Leadership Team Development) and then subsequently, Quixtar.

Things were beginning to get smoothed out between us, but lately she’s been pushing her products on me more and more.

I politely try what I can but I have never purchased from her, and I made it clear that I did not wish to order from Quixtar.

Five days ago she called me up and asked me if I wanted to try the facial cleanser and shampoo from Quixtar. I said “I’ll try yours.”

A little while later she asked me for my e-mail address and I gave it to her. Then she told me she ordered the shampoo and the facial cleanser for me, and also a sugar scrub.

I said fine, but I asked if she had set up a Quixtar account for me, because I didn’t want one.

She said she hadn’t.

Well, guess what? She did set up a Quixtar account for me + ultra fat credit, personal loan $1500 unsecured. Not only that, but she ordered several other things I didn’t want, or that were so expensive she should have known I would not have agreed to pay that price.

I’m absolutely furious with her, but I don’t want to get her in trouble. So I decided to vent on here and maybe get some sage advice on how to deal with her. I’m a bit worried that she took such a dishonest step, because she of course set up my account under her name so she got the points. If she’s going to do that with me, who else might she do that to?

Do I sound petty, or do I have reason to be angry and concerned?

There are, as you might guess, two elements to any MLM:

the MLM structure and the product being sold. The general consensus of this site is that it is the MLM business model, itself, that is flawed, creating an opportunity for scammers to make money off of unsuspecting victims. So it really doesn’t matter what the product is when it is being sold via an MLM. It’s probably a raw deal for the reps.

But the crucial factor in MLM scams is that the scammers need people to sign up AS REPS/DISTRIBUTORS for the scam to work. A customer who feels he got a raw deal will simply not buy from that dealer again.
Somebody whose involvement is contractual and premised on making money will go back and buy again and again, even when no money is being made from the business.

So here’s the part many reps don’t consider when they’re getting involved in these things: Are they getting involved in it to make money or are they getting involved with it to get the product (in this case, Bazi juice)? Recruiters will recruit anyone, regardless of their intentions to start up a business. “Try it for a while. If you like it, you’ll want to share it with others, and you’d might as well make some money in the process.”

If someone is signing up as a rep in order to get the juice, my immediate question would be, “Why not just be a customer? Even if you believe in the product, that does not mean you have to become a rep to get it. Even if you don’t mind the usually higher prices, being a customer makes more sense if you’re just looking to buy the product. MLMs need real customers in order to legitimize their business. To a real recruiter, a customer should be just as valuable as a business recruit.

If someone is looking to earn a profit from selling something like Bazi juice, then there are a whole series of other questions that arise from that:

* Is there any sort of actual demand for the product? Or will demand have to be fabricated and be subject to the whims of the marketplace? (Ever seen those FeedThePig ads? They’re GREAT.)

* How much are you (generic “you”) willing to invest in this business, in terms of time as well as money, before you will consider the effort a bust? Again, even if you’re not a rep, you should still be able to buy the product without any other ties. And quitting a money-losing business should never be a source of guilt.

* Are you willing and able to overcome the objections of people (like MLM Survivors) who are skeptical of any product being sold through an MLM? MLM Reps will encounter people who WILL NOT buy the product if it is sold through MLM, even if the product has legitimate value.

* What other products are on the market already that will compete with Bazi juice? Remember that most people are not going to go into the sort of research that Bazi company reps are likely to give to their reps as a basis for selling the product. Most people will, if they even try the product, decide whether or not to buy based on how it tastes and how it makes them feel. One of the reasons Nutrilite doesn’t make a big-time showing in the open market is that people don’t care about the production methods, don’t like the MLM element of the sales force and don’t think the higher price is justified.

Putting the Bazi juice product and opportunity under that sort of scrutiny, along with other similar inquiries, will probably lead most people to the correct decision.

Greetings again, after about a 12 month absence.

Nice to see the light of truth still shines in this club. My daughter has been approached by a relative (who else, right?!) about Bazi drink. Fortunately she’s fairly skeptical and has asked my advice, given my experience with Quack-star and such. I could not find any messages on this board and googling it brought nothing more than distributor websites and other “exciting” information.

True to form, she has heard first hand accounts of people with migraines that have been miraculously healed, etc. yadda yadda yadda… No leper healings yet, however. : ) I gave her some of the usual signs to look out for (mandatory meetings, “tools” and tapes, etc.) and it appears there is a small start up fee. So if she got involved, I don’t think she’d be out much when she realized how exasperating it’d be. She has never been much to see things through to completion which has been, in the past, frustrating to us but it could work out for the better in this instance.

All that being said, anyone have any scoop on Bazi? She has not brought it up for a couple of weeks so that’s a good sign too.

Thanks for any info…. Syd

Typicly MLMers will show you the biggest check they have recieved

it does not however represent what they actualy make risidualy. I was in Nutrition For Life years ago and Kevin Trudeau put alot of presure on us to show those checks but not display how much we made in a year or how much time we actualy had to put into it. The less people you know the more time you have to spend finding prospects. I was so young I didn’t know anyone. I spent 10 hours a day looking for prospects and showing the plan to strangers. In the end I realized I would have made the same amount of money waiting tables in a nice restaurant. Just don’t even try. Now is a good time to invest in bonds, less time, same money invested, maybe more long term gain. Go get a Wall Street Jurnal, you’ll be glad you did in the long run.